It is observed that the basic health care needs of these elderly beggars are out of reach for them. We found these beggars outside of temples/ mosques/ churches as their begging locations. Mostly these are the people to whom there is nobody to look after them, despite their old age and vulnerability to get diseases and disabilities due to the age.

Their motive behind begging is just to meet their daily basic needs and not to form steady source of income. What they earn via begging goes in arranging food for themselves (and for their partner if they have one) and in satisfying their other daily livelihood.

Obviously for them health is the last priority! They do not get even basic health care in time due to which they suffer with various diseases and disabilities, which can be avoided if identified and treated in time. Sadly most of these elderly beggars lose their lives due to these conditions which are avoidable but there is nobody to come forward and help them.

The most inhuman part is after loosing life there is nobody to come forward for their last rituals and their partner or a beggar friend/s keep asking for help for the same. This drastic reality triggered SOHAM Trust ™ to work for these elderly beggars. This project extends tender health care towards this extended family and part of our society with the tag "Doctor For Beggars"

Work Plan

  • Since all the disabled and elder beggars are begging outside temple/ mosque and other religious spots. Trust identified such temples and mosques where the number of these beggars is large.

  • Abhijit Sonawane carries all the medicine and other medical aid with him and visit to these identified spots on specific days.
  • He personally goes to each beggar and complete basic health check up.
  • After preparing individual case paper, he provides medicines to the beneficiaries free of cost then and there on the road itself.

  • In case of any major medical issue, trust refers the patient to govt./ corporation hospital.

  • Trust also has made a group of doctors; who have offered to provide their services free of cost towards the cause.
  • Trust do not work for the young and child beggars standing on signals or who have good physical condition or have potentials to do the physical work to earn income.
  • Trust only focuses upon disabled and elder beggars; who really don’t have other choice then begging to sustain.